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About Salony Biz

A little about us: The founder and Chairman of Salony International LLC, Ramesh Purswani, landed in the United Arab Emirates in 1990 due to the invasion of Kuwait. He had a successful business by the name of Al Kamil Trading in Kuwait for 15 years which dealt in electronics and novelty items. With the unfortunate turn of events back then, there was also new and inevitable opportunity for growth. He first set up Al Hamish Electronics in Dubai before proceeding to move into familiar territory of novelties and further established the brand ‘Salony’ in 2001. Dealing in corporate gifts & promotional items, his efforts were furthered by his son and Director of the company – Hitesh Purswani. Slowly but surely, the ‘family’ business took more meaning; and I suppose literally too, with his daughters, Khimya & Pooja joining in as well. You will find them gladly making their presence felt should you reach out.

Now, moving on to why we do what we do? We believe giving gifts is an integral tool to feed our innate human need of connection - even within our corporate world. Its flexibility in how you wish to interpret this tool is what makes it so interesting. You can promote your business/ idea by stamping your give-away with your logo and exploring the power of retention it may ensure; or hope to use them as memory hooks for your customers & stakeholders or just simply want to show appreciation and gratitude and give back! What falls beautifully in place regardless of your motive for scheduling a give-away is your thoughtfulness. Gifting has never been mandatory; it’s a choice we make to express gratitude and appreciation in return for the most intangible asset to any company - customer goodwill. That choice is something we forever want to be associated with.

The merchandising arm at Salony International LLC persistently strives to bring you concepts that do justice in reflecting your intention accurately & creatively. We need your cooperation for it through your time, a rough budget and feedback to channel us in to your frequency of setting you apart from the rest. Being brand owners ourselves, we understand your need and effort in creating and maintaining brand awareness and uncompromising quality standards.

Small Leather products, metal pens, key chains, men’s accessories such as cuff links, tie clips, leather waist belts, portfolios, watches, sunglasses, travel holders and assortment of many more products along with our executive gift sets are a few of the products we carry in stock at any given time. We also understand the need for traditional gifting and therefore offer customization services in terms of embroidery, etching, laser engraving, embossing and printing for any of our products you need for the same purpose. We request you to review the products on our website and further visit us at our office for the opportunity to meet with you.

For those of you who have and continue working with us, we appreciate YOU greatly! To say the least, Thank You! We are constantly striving to be better so would love to hear just about any feedback or suggestions from you. We hope you will get in touch with any comments you would like to share.

Thanks for stopping by.